In the following three cases, the purchase of used software is extremely useful:

Uniform Software Releases

You want to license new departments/employees while having uniform software releases?

Case study 1: You need 50 licenses for new workplaces. You are currently using Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016. If you want to purchase “new” ones, you have the possibility to buy Office 2019 only. Volume contracts give you the possibility to downgrade to the desired version, but you will have to pay the full price for a product, that you don’t need in that manner.

Case study 2: Windows 8 instead of Windows 10. Newly purchased computers are usually equipped with a Windows 10 license, that generally costs more than 100€. If you want to obtain uniform release with your already operating PCs, you will have to downgrade to Windows 8. In that case it makes more sense to purchase the PCs without operating system and to equip the computers with used Windows 8 Professional licenses. In that manner, you can save time and money.

Savings Potential

You have to migrate to the latest Microsoft Office version. for example from Office 2010 to 2013 or 2016, but your IT-budget is limited? In that case, you can save money and resources with used software. Additionally, we will accept your used software as payment.

Training Expenses

New software also means a higher training effort. If you use older releases, training costs can usually be minimized.


As you can see – employing used software pays off!