We are a Europe-wide software re-marketer, that means that we buy and sell used software licenses mainly of the big manufacturers like Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Quark. This allows companies to save up to 75 percent of their costs or to use dormant reserves in the form of unused software, respectively. We are also happy to inform you about the best way to purchase your software licenses.

This term is slightly misleading as software consists of bits and bytes that cannot wear out. Maybe the cover is not as nice at it used to be but apart from that it is as good as “new”.

Definitely yes. On July 3, 2012 the European Court of Justice ruled as follows: “An author of software cannot oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licences allowing the use of his programs downloaded from the internet. (…) Therefore, even if the licence agreement prohibits a further transfer, the rightholder can no longer oppose the resale of that copy.

We only buy from trustworthy sources that have to confim, that their software is not used anymore.
We check the data carriers for good condition and readability.
Furthermore, we control if the software has been registered by the manufacturer and we perform a legal license transfer.
These steps allow for the perfect use in our company!

Depending on the kind of software license you ordered you will receive:

  • Original license keys or serial numbers (MAK and KMS)
  • Information about the previous owner
  • optional: data carrier (if usable or included in your order)
  • Invoice and delivery note