Prerequisites for the Purchase of used Software

In order for us to be able to purchase your software, the following prerequisites have to be met:

  • Volume licenses have to be suitable for commercial use. Safety assurance (as is common for Microsoft-contracts for example) has to be fully paid.
  • In the case of OEM-licenses or retail boxes, the package has to be as complete as possible. For the Microsoft-box version, this includes the handbook (if included in the original), CD/DVD, certificate of authenticity, serial number as well as EULA. For Adobe-Software this means original media plus serial number.
  • Attention with updates: If you have Creative Suite 5.5. for example and you did an upgrade to Version CS 6, you are NOT allowed to sell Creative Suite 5,5. The upgrade relates to the previous version and the so-called „path of the full version“ would not be complete if you sold it.

If you are unsure if your software is complete, you can also send us a picture or we can examine it in person.


  • You had to release 100 employees and have no more use for their workplaces. All of them had Microsoft Office 2016 and Adobe Creative Suite CS 6 installed on their computers.
  • You had 50 office computers installed with 50 x Microsoft ­Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2016. Due to a new acquisition, you don’t need the old software packages anymore. We will buy all OEM Office versions as well as Windows 7 licenses from you.
  • Your company has been taken over by an international group and the parent company is now providing your software. You are now able to sell your surplus software.

As you see, it is in many cases highly likely, that you are in the possession of software that you do not need anymore!

=> We will purchase all of your licenses from you, quick and easy! In big & small quantities!

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