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Today, many companies still use Windows 7. One of the main arguments for this operating system is its compatibility with Office 2003, which is not provided by later versions of Windows. Having older hardware can also be a factor for using Windows 7.

Many new features, that Windows 7 introduced in its time, like desktop widgets, improved preview functions in Explorer and flexible task bar – also called Superbar  – make this operating system to one of the most popular versions of Windows of all time. Compared to Windows 8, Windows 7 is more recommended due to its look that was optimized for desktop use.

The user interface of the system is significantly easier to handle for experienced Windows user on a day to day basis. If you do not like app tiles and like to work efficiently but don’t like to switch to Windows 10, Windows 7 is the right choice for you.

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Economically priced & demand oriented

You can save a lot of money with pre-owned software licenses. In addition, you will only get those licenses that you really need without any possible contractual commitments of the vendor. We offer you Windows 7 product keys (including certificate of authenticity, also called “COA”) for the best price on the market. Learn more about the advantages of used software licenses.

Legal for Users

The legality of used software licenses is essential for companies. Based on the verdict by the European Court of Justice from 2012, trading with used software licenses is henceforth legal. Particular prerequisites have to be in place  and the licences have to be transferred correctly using certain guidelines. We make the extra effort to ensure the legal compliance of used software licenses.

License transfer on the same day

Because long periods of disruption from work of employees are expensive for companies and the equipment with the necessary software are essential for the productivity of an office we offer you software license transfer on the same day if necessary. On the following page you will find a summary of the process of software license transfer.

Legal Note – Used Software Legal

Windows 7 Refurbished for Download

According to the law, Windows 7 licenses, as are offered by Software Reuse, are specified as exhausted software. After a thorough audit of the software licenses and the legal license transfer, the software is ready to be downloaded from us and you as buyer will have the same rights as with new software. Your purchase will save you up to 75 percent of the original price.

We buy our used software licenses from companies who have no more demand for them or who are changing their software. In many cases, these are so called volume licenses. Within the framework of this licensing model, its software has been cleared for the use on several working stations or computers. As buyer of used Windows 7 software licenses, you do not have to make any amends compared to the new product as you have the right for regular safety updates and support as well. In case you want to know more you can read these facts about used software licenses.

Proof of Exhaustion

Software ReUse gives you, next to the product key of the exhausted software license, in depth documentation of the  drafting of the rights of use of your purchased used software licenses. We offer you all relevant information to prove the exhaustion, if necessary. This includes the confirmation that the software has been divested and uninstalled from the original customer’s server.

We give you information on how the software has entered the market originally, what kind of commission the right holder received for it and to what extent the right of use has been granted by the right holder and if any updates are included. Our software licenses do not only follow the requirements of the European Court of Justice (verdict C-128/11) but also those set up by the German Federal Court of Justice.

Shop conveniently online or get a personal consultation

Software Reuse gives you the convenient opportunity to buy Windows 7 licenses in our online shop. We offer you all common methods of payment and you will receive your product key via mail after the money has been transferred to our bank account.
You need different software licenses or you prefer personal consultation? No problem! Just give us a call on the number +43 1 997 27 87-1 or send us a message via our contact form below.
Our FAQ for trade in used software licenses  will also answer many questions you might have.

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