Software ReUse-License Transfer

Since the verdict of the European Court of Justice from July 3, 2012 (more in „legal information“) the sale of used volume licenses does not need the consent of the software manufacturer. In order to give our clients the best possible transparency, we perform the legal license transfer as follows:

  • We ask the previous license owner for a declaration of destruction, confirming that their licenses are no longer in use and therefore suitable for the problem-free use by the new buyer.

Volume Licenses:

  • You will receive papers for the license transfer including information about the previous owner.
  • Original license keys and information about the original owner as well as
  • Delivery note and invoice by Software ReUse, documenting the license transfer to you.

Retail Products or physically delivered Products (e.g. OEM):

  • You will receive the product as delivered originally including certificate auf authenticity (COA)

If you have any requests for more information during the license audit by the software manufacturer, we are of course happy to assist.