Help with the sale of used software

In the event of insolvencies or also in the case of transferring restructuring, there are often high values of software that can be sold when the company is liquidated. However, in our experience, this software is not always exploited, for the following reasons:

  • The IT manager who managed the licenses is no longer with the company. Since the software licenses are nowadays mainly available in the form of download licenses, especially in large companies, they are difficult for the liquidator to get hold of.
  • Even if an inventory list is available, it is not easy to determine the value of the software due to the complexity of the subject.

Convert used software in favor of the masses

We support you in determining your software

  • If exact records are no longer available, we will try to contact the software manufacturer to determine exactly which software the company was using and can therefore sell.
  • Based on this list, we will be happy to make you an offer for the existing software.

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Reporting on Software ReUse