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Buying used Microsoft SQL Server licenses 

The latest Microsoft Server licenses are already available for purchase as used software from Software ReUse. This is because we buy up surplus stocks from corporations and insolvencies. You can find more details on our business model here. 

Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2019

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Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2017

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Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2016

SQL Server Standard Core 2016

Feature improvements per Server version 

Each new Microsoft SQL Server version involves numerous new features. You can find important licensing and feature information on our product pages for the purchase of used licences: 

Buying used Microsoft Server licenses vs. new licenses with Software Assurance 

When buying Microsoft software with “Software Assurance”, you generally get all updated versions for 3 years. You will usually pay almost double the original price and get a total of two releases, depending on the update cycle. 

However, if you buy used Microsoft Server licenses, you pay much less than for the original price, no annual Software Assurance fees are incurred and you are not compelled to install a new version, which in any case might not fit into your in-house update cycle. 

Reporting on Software ReUse

Extended support for Microsoft Server licenses 

As for Microsoft Office and other products, Microsoft provides extended support for its SQL Server licenses for 10 years from release. In some cases this is not even extended. If you don’t need the latest features, the use of older versions is secure and much cheaper than the latest version. 

Purchase price – used licenses are much more affordable. 

You can save up to 75% compared to the original price, depending on the age of the release. Software doesn’t age and you have the same rights as for a new purchase. 

We hope we have been able to give you a good overview of the different Server versions. You can find more precise details on the relevant product pages for the following versions of Microsoft SQL Server: 

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If you have any legal questions, you can find more information about the EU legally compliant license transfer here.

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