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Public bodies such as municipalities, governments, universities, schools etc. can particularly benefit from used software. And if the authorities go easy on the public budget, everyone benefits. Software ReUse is happy to help! Here are two examples of how you can save public money:

1) Qualifying Operating Systems

In our experience, the greatest savings potential is through the so-called “qualifying operating systems”. If you have an operating system such as B. Windows 8 or Windows 7 Professional, purchased as a volume license, you always need a qualifying operating system as a base license. Older operating systems such as Windows XP Professional etc. can often also be used here with corresponding savings potential.

Since the initial situation is always different, the Software ReUse team will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation!

2) Sale of unused licenses

Sell your software licences that are no longer used – both volume contracts and OEM licences can be sold. The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court once again confirmed the legality of splitting up volume licenses in proceedings at the end of 2012! These are often hidden reserves that you are not aware of!

We are happy to take them in exchange for the purchase of new software!

Interested in buying or selling software for your business?

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