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You need Microsoft Office 2016 for your company, but the costs are prohibitive? Don’t fret about increased prices any longer:

Buy Microsoft Office 2016 – save money with used licenses!

Save up to 75% on used software and buy new software at a reduced price!
100% legal and 100% EU law compliant.

After the 2013 version, Microsoft is not relying on extensive new functions with its Office 2016 packages, but rather optimization of the user interface and fixing of errors of the previous version. Read more here or contact us if you want to buy Office 2016 used – we will be happy to advise you!

Which license version is best suited for your company depends primarily on the software you need. If you need Outlook, then Home & Business is the right choice, while Access or Publisher is only included in Professional and the Office 365 packages.

Your reliable partner

With Software ReUse, we have been your reliable partner for 100% legality for over ten years. Because in contrast to many other providers of used software, you will also receive all the necessary license transfer papers from us. This is the only way they can be absolutely safe during company audits.

Do you have any further questions? Let’s talk and make an appointment with me! I am happy to help you personally.

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Buy Office 2016 used – that saves you money!

With volume licenses from Software ReUse, you save your company unnecessary expenses and can work more efficiently. Due to the one-off costs, you have no ongoing subscription costs. And when you buy Office 2016 used from us, you acquire a completely new license including all the necessary documents so that you are on the safe side even with a company audit – the necessary information on the previous owner, his request for deletion and much more. This is how you save money without risk!

Important information if you want to buy Office 2016

What is Microsoft Office 2016 compatible with?

Office 2016 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. On the server side, the versions 2008 R2, 2012 and 2016 are included. If you own a Mac, compatibility starts from 10.10, which is OS X Yosemite. Office 2016 is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version for both Windows and Mac.

Office 2016 is particularly well suited in combination with Windows 10.

What is the difference between Office 2016 and Office 365?

First of all, the obligation to subscribe and the associated registration in the Office 365 portal. Office 365 is only available as a subscription, while with Office 2016 you don’t have to commit to a permanent commitment. With us you get the product key for a one-off price and you can get started.

With Office 365 you simply buy the complete package with your subscription. From Word to Excel, to Power Point, OneNote and Outlook to Publisher and Access. With Office 2016, you decide for yourself – depending on the package or license version – what scope you need and without any commitment.

What our customers say about us

5 good reasons to buy Office 2016 – and not Office 365

Key benefits of Microsoft Office 2016

The subscription version Office 365 from Microsoft is based on cloud computing. This also creates reasons that some speak against its use and for the Office 2016 license version. We have selected the five most important reasons for you:

  1. Locally installed software such as Office 2016 can be modified and expanded according to individual needs. In return, the cloud-based version of Office 365 is used by thousands of companies at the same time, so it is excluded from individual changes, the services can only be configured.
  2. Nor is the environment auditable.
  3. The security guidelines under which the applications run are the same for all users and therefore cannot be influenced.
  4. With the bound subscription version, you as a company are dependent on Microsoft’s release cycles in your deployment decisions; for example, you cannot use Office 365 with Windows XP without first migrating.
  5. Cloud services are also available with Office 2016, but you are not completely dependent on them. Because Office 2016 supports the OneDrive cloud solution, you can also – if you wish – save files in the cloud and then automatically synchronize them with all registered devices.

All in all, Office 2016 is an elegant solution for you and your company – without being tied to a subscription.

What’s new in Microsoft Office 2016?

If you want to buy Office 2016 used, we have the most important innovations for you here: For Office 2016, the options for editing documents in real-time and in a team have been expanded. Since there are hardly any other relevant innovations apart from cosmetic changes, the changeover for Office 2013 users is simple.

The Help Assistant in Office 2016 is also new. As with Office 2013, app versions for smartphones and tablets are also included for 2016.

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Office 2016 vs Office 2019

Is it worth the switch?

Reporting on Software ReUse

Legal notices – used software legally secure

Office 2016 for Download

According to the law, Microsoft Office 2016 licenses, as are offered by Software Reuse, are specified as exhausted software. After a thorough audit of the software licenses and the legal license transfer, the software is ready to be downloaded from us and you as buyer will have the same rights as with new software. Your purchase will save you up to 75 percent of the original price.

We buy our used software licenses from companies who have no more demand for them or who are changing their software. In many cases, these are so called volume licenses. Within the framework of this licensing model, its software has been cleared for the use on several working stations or computers. As buyer of used Office 2016 software licenses, you do not have to make any amends compared to the new product as you have the right for regular safety updates and support as well. In case you want to know more you can read these facts about used software licenses.

Proof of Exhaustion

Software ReUse gives you, next to the product key of the exhausted software license, in depth documentation of the  drafting of the rights of use of your purchased used software licenses. We offer you all relevant information to prove the exhaustion, if necessary. This includes the confirmation that the software has been divested and uninstalled from the original customer’s server.

We give you information on how the software has entered the market originally, what kind of commission the right holder received for it and to what extent the right of use has been granted by the right holder and if any updates are included. Our software licenses do not only follow the requirements of the European Court of Justice (verdict C-128/11) but also those set up by the German Federal Court of Justice.

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