Software ReUse is happy to help you turn your software into cash!

We strive for a simple and uncomplicated process and we are also happy to advise you without obligation on any questions or uncertainties. To be able to offer the buyers of our software as high a standard as possible and due to guidelines, we have compiled the few requirements for selling your software to us here.

Requirements for the purchase of used software

In order for us to buy the software from you, the following requirements must be met:

  • Volume licenses should be commercial or government licenses purchased in the EU or EEA.
  • You must sign a de-installation statement confirming that the licenses are no longer in use.
  • Software Assurance (as is sometimes the case with Microsoft contracts, for example) should already have been paid off.

Our team will be happy to assist you in checking the completeness of the contracts.

Why should a company sell its software? 3 Case studies:

Your company has switched to Microsoft’s leasing model Office 365. Once you have completed migration into the Cloud and the on-premises licenses (Office 2019, Office 2016, Windows Server 2016, etc.) are no longer in use, you can sell them. 

You had 500 office PCs with 250 x Microsoft Windows 7 as well as Microsoft Office 2016 installed. Due to a new acquisition, you no longer need the old software packages. We buy all OEM Office versions as well as Windows 7 licenses from you.

Your company was bought by a corporation and the software is provided by the parent company? Now you can sell your no longer needed software.

    Inquiry form – sell your software

    We would like to sell the following software licenses to Software ReUse: (required)
    Please indicate the VERSIONS (e.g. Office 2016 Professional Plus, SQL Server 2017 etc.), and the the QUANTITY that you would like to sell:

    We would like to purchase the following licenses: (optionally)
    You would like to sell your software and require new licenses? Please indicate the VERSIONS for which you would like to get a quotation (e.g. Office 2016 Professional Plus, SQL Server 2017 etc.), and the the required QUANTITY).