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Windows 10 is named by computer magazines as the best Windows ever. In contrast to previous releases, everyone agrees that an update to Windows 10 makes sense. With us you get the licenses for your company used and therefore cheap!

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Windows 10 brings new features such as the search assistant Cortana, a redesigned start menu, advanced app functions and significantly expanded configuration & Setting options with. Still, it’s stable, safe, and comfortable to use, which will definitely benefit your business!

A lot has also happened optically. Windows 10 is in terms of look much closer to what you know from current smart phones and tablets. There is now the ability to drop and arrange app icons like tiles.

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Buy Microsoft Windows 10 – what are the advantages?

Some companies have not yet switched to Windows 10, the market share among Windows operating systems was 55.8 percent in March 2019. If you are still undecided, we at Software ReUse have summarized the advantages of Windows 10 for your company here:

  • One platform for all device classes: Whether on a PC notebook, smartphone, tablet, even an embedded system or a Raspberry Pi, an Xbox, it doesn’t matter: Windows 10 runs uniformly on all platforms .
  • The good old start menu: Windows had strayed from the well-known start menu in version 8, but the introduced start page was not convincing. So you’re back with the start menu, which, with its tiled version, can be individually adjusted in terms of both the required functions and its size.
  • Virtual desktops for different needs: Your employees have the possibility to create individual workstations on the same device with the programs and functions they want. Thanks to various virtual desktops that can be created in parallel with Windows 10, you can work more efficiently.
  • “Cloud first, mobility first”: This is the company’s underlying strategy for Windows 10, which they are proving by uniting PC and cloud. The operating system was developed absolutely for the use of cloud applications, thanks to the Universal Office Apps, the cloud storage “OneDrive for Business” and the support for the Continuum functionality.< /a>
  • Less work for your IT: Windows 10 is immediately ready for use and, thanks to additional simplified update processes, it is uncomplicated to install and manage
  • More security for your company: Thanks to new authentication methods and Bitlocker data encryption, Windows 10 gives your company significantly higher data security.

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The advantages of used software are obvious:

Use our offer and protect your budget – with used software licenses from Software ReUse!</ p>

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Legal Notices – Used Software

Windows 10 used licenses with documentation

Windows 10 licenses as offered by Software ReUse are legally exhausted software. After the software has been checked and the licenses have been transferred in accordance with the law, the software may be sold by us. You as the buyer have the same rights as with new software. This saves you up to 75% on the new price when you buy it.

The situation is similar with Windows 10 Refurbished. This refers to licenses relicensed by Microsoft in the MAR program for used and refurbished computers. As with used Windows 10 licenses, the buyer does not compromise on the new product. As a customer, you are always entitled to regular security updates and support. If you are interested, find out more about all facts about used software.

Evidence of Exhaustion

With Software ReUse, you will receive detailed documentation on the structure of the rights for intended use together with the product key for the exhausted software. We provide you with all the information you need to prove exhaustion even in the event of an audit by the software manufacturer. This also includes the information on the previous purchaser and his declaration of deletion.

We document how the software was originally put into circulation, what remuneration the rights holder received for this, to what extent a right of use was granted by the rights holder and whether updates are included. Our software not only meets the requirements of the European Court of Justice (Judgment C-128/11), but also the requirements set by the German BGH.

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With Software ReUse you can conveniently buy your Office 2016 Standard Key in the online shop. We offer you all common payment options and you will receive your product key by mail after receipt of payment.
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We have also already answered many of your questions in our FAQ for the used software trade.

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