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Cash in on your unused Autodesk licenses!

Have you switched from Autodesk licenses to a newer version or other software such as Allplan, BricsCAD, ArchiCAD or Solid Works? Or are you planning to do so in the near future?

As the Software ReUse team, we have been trading in used software licenses since 2011 and are interested in your Autodesk licenses. Please also contact us if you have other CAD software licenses to sell. We would also be happy to check whether a purchase is possible here.

Now let’s calculate the value of your licenses! We will send you an offer immediately.

Buying used Autodesk software – questions and answers

We have been trading used Autodesk licenses to corporate customers in Germany, Austria and the rest of the EU since 2014.

  1. We will send you a purchase offer for your licenses.
  2. If you agree to the purchase bid, we conclude a purchase contract.
  3. In the next step we initiate a license transfer from your Autodesk customer account to our customer account.
  4. As soon as the licenses have been transferred (usually within a few working days), we will immediately transfer the agreed purchase price.

We carry out the license transfer involving Autodesk. An official license transfer is triggered, whereby the license is officially transferred from your customer account to ours.

Definitely yes! Since we also carry out the license transfer with the involvement of Autodesk, you can be sure that the legal framework will be fully complied with.

For used software, the prices fluctuate relatively strongly depending on supply and demand. Within a short time you will receive a binding offer from us for the licenses you no longer need.

Simple, lucrative and legally compliant –
We buy your software licenses quickly and easily!

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Sell perpetual licenses easily

If you switch to the Autodesk Cloud model, you can offset ongoing costs by selling your old licenses.



The purchase price that we can offer for your licenses varies depending on the market situation. Request an offer – you will receive it within 24 hours.


Compliant with the law

Since the judgment of the European Court of Justice on July 3rd, 2012, it is clear: the resale of perpetual software purchased in the EEA is legal if the seller renders his copy unusable.

Do you want to buy used software? We will send you an individual offer!

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