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Windows Server 2019 was presented on 2 October 2018, but there were initially some coordination problems with Windows 10 and delivery could therefore only be implemented from 13 November 2018.

Windows Server 2019 is available in three versions:

Windows Server 2019 was published in Essentials, Standard and Datacenter versions.

Essentials licence

This version is aimed at small enterprises. One-off installation can be carried out physically or virtually. The licensing model is CPU-based and limited to 25 users and 50 devices. RAM is limited to 64 GB RAM and CPUs are limited to a maximum of two units.

Standard licence

This licence is aimed at businesses that intend to use extended features and virtualise them to a minor extent. The relevant rights extend to two virtual machines or two Hyper-V containers. This variant is core-based and has 24 TB RAM, as well as unlimited cores.

Datacenter licence

Aimed at companies with high demands and a large number of virtual systems. Any number of virtual machines and Hyper-V containers can be operated with this licence. Datacenter is also core-based and, like the standard version, any number of cores and 24 TB RAM can be used.

Details of new Windows Server 2019 features:

With Server 2019, Windows Admin Center was also introduced as a graphic administration console, which serves as a tool in Azure Cloud infrastructure. Many interfaces serve the monitoring and management of hardware components.

Some hybrid features were also integrated into Windows Server 2019. Services such as Azure Backup, Site Recovery, Azure Network Adapter and Update Management can now be administered in the Windows Admin Center of the server. Azure Network Adapter is set up within seconds and allows for a Point-to-Site VPN connection to the virtual network.

Additional features, such as Storage Migration Service, allow for migration. This means file servers can be migrated into the Cloud without any problems, along with all data and large-volume Azure-based datasets.

The fact that Windows and Linux containers can be used in the Windows host has proven very practical. Kubernetes support has also been extended to allow for additional functions, such as container networking.

The Encrypted Networks service is capable of encrypting virtual networks between virtual machines, ensuring even greater security.

Windows Defenderhas also been equipped with new functions. For example, the new Advanced Threat Protection monitors each file, each document and each folder.
Security features such as banned passwords and password protection can also be used from Azure AD.

Important licensing information:

How is Windows Server 2019 licensed? The new licence model explained in brief:

In contrast to Server 2012 R2, where server licences were issued based on CPUs, licences have only been based on cores of CPUs (“Cores”) since Windows Server 2016. Minimum licensing is 16 cores per server. You can find further information here with sample calculations on core licensing for Windows Server 2016/2019.

How can Windows Server 2019 be purchased?

Windows server licences used to be bought as a volume licence, system builder or OEM licence. In principle all these licence types are available as used licences from Software ReUse, but they can only be delivered depending on availability. In terms of administration, volume licences are always the easiest, since they have a standard product key and cannot go missing so easily.

Downgrade rights for Windows Server 2019 and down-edition rights:

If you do have to install an older version of Windows Server, it is important to be aware of downgrade rights.

Version Downgrade right
Volumenlizenz Windows Server 2016 and earlier
FPP (Full Package Product) Usually yes, see the individual license terms
OEM Normally yes, but see your own OEM license terms

Downgrade rights for Windows Server 2019:

Version Downgrade rights
Windows Server Datacenter also installed as Standard, Essentials, Web Server or HPC Server 2016
Windows Server Standard may also be installed as Essentials, Web Server or HPC Server 2016


All-important: Product Use Rights (today: “Product Terms”) for the licensed version, not the downgraded version, are always applicable. This is particularly relevant with consideration for the CPU-based licence model for Windows Server 2012 R2 and earlier. The server must therefore be licensed based on cores as if Windows Server 2019 were installed.

Also important: Although you have the downgrade right, Microsoft does not provide you with a product key.

For how long does Microsoft provide support for Windows Server 2019?

Version Supportende
Windows Server 2019 Standard & Datacenter Mainstream Support 1/9/2024
Extended support 01/09/2029

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We buy the licences we offer from other companies that either no longer have a need for them or are changing software. These are often so-called volume licences. In this licensing model, the software is released for several workstations or computers. As a buyer, you do not make any compromises with used Windows Server 2019 licences compared to the new product and are entitled to regular security updates and support. If you are interested, find out more about all the facts on used software.

Proof of exhaustion

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We document how the software was originally put on the market, what remuneration the rights holder received for it, to what extent a right of use was granted by the rights holder and whether updates are included. Our software thus not only fulfils the requirements of the European Court of Justice (ruling C-128/11), but also the requirements set by the German Federal Court of Justice.

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