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Want to sell your VMware licences?

Are you dissatisfied with VMWare’s new licence model, which has been in place since the takeover by Broadcom?

There is an ideal solution for this! Finance the migration to another virtualisation software provider by selling us the VMWare licences you no longer need!
Seize the opportunity – you should sell your VMware licences while they still have a high market value!

We are currently looking for the following programmes from VMWare:

  • VMWare vSphere Enterprise Plus 7, 8 and higher
  • VMWare vCenter Standard 7, 8 and higher

Other licences such as vSAN etc. can also be valued depending on the market situation.

Let us calculate the value of your licences now! We will send you an offer immediately.

The following requirements apply if you want to sell VMware licences:

  • Volume licences and OEM licences should be commercial or government licences acquired in the EU or EEA.
  • You must sign a de-installation declaration confirming that the licences are no longer in use.
  • The last instalment of the maintenance contract should already have been paid off.

Selling used VMware licences – questions and answers:

We have been trading used VMware licences to corporate customers in Germany, Austria and the rest of the EU since 2016.

  1. If you want to sell your VMware licences, we will first send you a purchase offer.
  2. If you agree to the purchase offer, we will conclude a purchase contract.
  3. In the next step, we initiate a licence transfer from your VMware customer account to our customer account.
  4. As soon as the licences have been transferred (usually within a few working days), we will immediately transfer the agreed purchase price.

We carry out the licence transfer with the involvement of VMware. An official licence transfer is initiated, whereby the licence is officially transferred from your customer account to ours.

Definitely yes! As we also carry out the licence transfer with the involvement of VMware, you can rest assured that the legal framework is fully complied with.

Prices for used software fluctuate relatively strongly – depending on supply and demand. You will receive a binding offer from us for the licences you no longer need within a short period of time.

Simple, lucrative and legally compliant –

We buy your software licences quickly and easily!

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Simply sell permanent licences

If you switch to the Autodesk Cloud model, you can offset ongoing costs by selling your old licences.



The purchase price we can offer for your licences varies depending on the market situation. Request a quote – you will receive it within 24 hours.


Legally compliant

Since the ruling of the European Court of Justice on 3 July 2012, it has been clear that the resale of perpetual software purchased in the EEA is legal if the seller renders the copy unusable.

You want to buy used software? We will send you a customised offer!

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