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Since 2019, Microsoft has closed down the LTSB branch and renamed it LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel), representing integration into the semi-annual channel. At Software ReUse you get a used version of the successor to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC at a great price saving.

The LTSC version is a “fixed”, slimmed-down Windows version, which has no new feature implementations. As a result there are naturally also fewer gateways for malware. With LTSC, Microsoft has deliberately introduced slimmed-down releases, which, in comparison to the previous version, are only given 5-year instead of 10-year security updates.

Microsoft combined the “Current Branch” (CB), the “Current Branch for Business” and the “Long Term Servicing Branch” (LTSB) into the new “Semi Annual Channel” (SAC) in 2019. This means LTSC is the continuation of LTSB, which appeared in the 2015 and 2016 versions.

LTSC stands for “Long Term Servicing Channel” and is an update channel specially reserved for business clients who previously had long-term support (5 years mainstream + 5 years extended support), but have now been restricted to just 5 years’ support since the introduction of Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC. Unlike the Professional Version, LTSC is rolled out without preinstalled apps (e.g. Cortana, Edge Browser, Windows Store, etc.). In contrast to the Windows Professional Version, a version is installed which doesn’t provide feature updates, just security updates.

Microsoft promises to publish new releases every 2-3 years.

Microsoft recommends this slimmed-down system for special scenarios, such as system controls, ATMs or cash systems. But there are also some companies which quite deliberately rely on LTSC versions for their user devices.

There are no driver updates and therefore no new hardware components can be used. Please always test whether your hardware is supported on a test system in advance. You can also check whether the more affordable LTSB 2015 or 2016 predecessor versions should be considered.
The Software ReUse Team will be happy to advise you.

LTSB has been renamed LTSC since 2019. As a result, Windows 11 Enterprise now only exists in the LTSC Version.

Windows 10 Enterprise, on the other hand, is still published in LTSB and LTSC versions.

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC can only be purchased in volume licence agreements, e.g. Select and Enterprise Agreement. The purchase of a used licence, with the same rights of use as a new licence but at a lower price, is much simpler and more affordable.

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC is always licensed by device, as a buying licence. This means you have to acquire a licence for each installed device.

All LTSC Versions can also be installed as older Windows versions, e.g. LTSB, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise. However, they can also be installed as Windows 11 Professional by virtue of down-edition rights.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC compared to Windows 11 Pro


  • A stable, slimmed-down version
  • Lower administrative expenditure because of fewer different releases
  • Security updates and bug fixes included
  • Used licence available at relatively low cost, without contract commitment and lease costs
  • Down-edition rights – version may also be installed as Windows 11 Pro, e.g. for a mixed infrastructure
  • Ideal for terminals or ATMs, but also used by companies for user PCs, although this is not recommended by Microsoft.


  • Fewer features
  • No driver updates, risk of hardware incompatibilities
  • No option for newer versions
  • Careful consideration must be given to whether the version is appropriate for your IT infrastructure

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Legal Notice – Used Software

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC used licences with documentation

With Software ReUse, together with the product key of the exhausted software, you will receive detailed documentation on the arrangement of the rights of intended use. We provide you with all the information you need to prove exhaustion in the event of an audit by the software manufacturer. This includes information on the previous acquirer and his or her declaration of cancellation.

We document how the software was originally marketed, what remuneration the rights holder received for it, to what extent a right of use was granted by the rights holder and whether updates are included. Our software thus not only fulfils the requirements of the European Court of Justice (ruling C-128/11), but also the requirements set by the German Federal Court of Justice.

Proof of exhaustion

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC licences as offered by Software ReUse are exhausted software in the legal sense. After examination of the software and legally compliant transfer of the licences, the software may be sold by us. You as the buyer have the same rights as with new software. This saves you up to 75% on the new price when you buy.

We buy the licences we offer from other companies that either no longer have a need for them or are changing software. These are often so-called volume licences. In this licensing model, the software is released for several workstations or computers. As a buyer, you do not make any concessions with used licences compared to the new product and are entitled to regular security updates and support. If you are interested, find out more about the topic of used software.

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We have also already answered many of your questions in our FAQ for the used software trade.

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