Here you can find out everything about how the license transfer of the used software is carried out with us. We at Software ReUse ensure that you are informed transparently about your license purchase. This allows you to provide evidence of correct licensing during an audit by the software manufacturer. If you still have questions, simply contact us!

The license transfer of used software with Software ReUse

Since the judgment of the European Court of Justice on July 3, 2012, the sale of used volume licenses no longer requires the consent of the software manufacturer. We want to offer our customers the greatest possible transparency and security. Therefore, we carry out the license transfer as follows:

  • We have the previous owner of the licenses confirm by means of a declaration of deletion that these licenses are no longer in use. As a result, the new purchaser can use them without any problems!

Transfer of used volume licenses:

  • You will receive license transfer papers with information about the original owner, including cancellation notice, copies of the contracts and product terms
  • the original license keys and information about the original owner including contract numbers as well as
  • a delivery note and an invoice from Software ReUse documenting the transfer of the licenses to you

Retail products or physically delivered products (such as OEM):

  • You will receive the product as originally delivered with a certificate of authenticity (COA)

If further information is requested from the software manufacturer as part of a license audit, we are of course available at any time. If you still have questions about software audits, you can find out more on our “We support you with software audits” page.

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