Sell or trade your Software

Make money with your used software!

It often happens that companies do no use software anymore that will then not come to any further utilization.
If this is the case for you, you can increase the liquidity of your business by selling it to us. With a big amount of software, you can reach a great sum.

Especially interesting to us are:

  • All Microsoft® programmes. Even so-called„OEM“-versions – these are software packages that were included in the purchase of the computer.
  • All Adobe® programmes, either single or also  Creative Suites
  • We can even buy your volume licenses of these manufacturers
  • In some cases, we buy Software packages of other manufacturers as well

We will buy everything all at once, fast and simple! Even older versions of for example Office 2007, Windows XP, Photoshop CS5 etc.! Windows & Mac-software!

You recently purchased a new computer or you have working stations that are unequipped, which you do not want to reoccupy? If so, it is highly likely that you have unused software in your company!

Check your stock of software or rather ask your IT-department for unused software licenses – you could still make money, even with older versions!

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