Why sell used software?

Use unused resources in your company!
It often happens that software is no longer needed in companies. And that it is then simply not used. It is easy to resell it and earn money with it!
If you, too, no longer need used software, you can increase your company’s liquidity by selling us your licenses. In the case of larger quantities, a high amount can be achieved here, which has a positive effect on your profitability.

Sell or trade in used software

Do you have one of the following products too much and don’t need it anymore? Contact us and turn your no longer needed software into money! We are interested in:

  • All Microsoft volume licenses, especially Office licenses as well as Windows, SQL and Exchange servers.
  • All Adobe programs, either individually or also the Creative Suites
    We may also buy software packages from other vendors – let’s talk about it!

We buy whole contracts, but partial sale is of course also possible.

Turn your old software into money!

Write us which software you want to sell.
We will contact you immediately.

Released licenses following switch to Office 365 

Have you recently switched to the Microsoft leasing model Office 365 or have jobs become vacant, which you don’t intend to fill? If so, you likely have software at your company that you no longer need. 

Check on your software stocks and ask your IT representatives about software licenses that are no longer required – this could also be rewarding for older versions. 

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately with an offer for your used software. It’s simple and uncomplicated – and above all worthwhile. 

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    We would like to purchase the following licenses: (optionally)
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