Edit 3D models as a team in real time

With the vector-oriented drawing program of Autodesk, your options for visualising your concepts are virtually unlimited. The abbreviation CAD in AutoCAD stands for “Computer Aided Design”. Whereas in the early days AutoCAD was applied for the creation of technical drawings, today the programme also offers numerous 3D functions, which are used by qualified experts in technical professions and the building industry – for example architects, interior designers,engineers and mechanical engineers. Thanks to numerous customisation options, you can arrange your AutoCAD individually. A programming interface offers you the possibility to cover very specific applications. By means of the new web and mobile apps of Autodesk, you are provided with flexibility and the freedom to access your projects from everywhere.

What is new and better about AutoCAD 2019?

The most significant new features are Shared Views (to cooperate with your colleagues or customers and enable them to get an insight in real time), DWG Compare (“Drawing Compare” – to recognise and examine differences between two versions of a drawing easily and quickly), as well as the saving under AutoCAD Web & Mobile.

Moreover, a new system variable called SECUREREMOTEACCESS is introduced for AutoCAD 2019-based products. This allows you to restrict access to data via internet or via remote server.

Due to a performance improvement in AutoCAD, external data can be processed more efficiently. By means of branch-specific toolsets, AutoCAD offers you the possibility to create designs in a simple and uncomplicated way.

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