Buy used software – at a lower cost, legally and audit-proof 

Why should you buy used software? Quite simply: if changes are imminent in your IT, you are recruiting new employees, or want to update your company to the latest operating system, a new Microsoft Office package, or your Adobe versions, this is often a costly undertaking with new software licenses.

We have a solution for how to get original software licenses at a lower price and save up to 75% on the original price. 


Why rely on current software versions?

Up-to-date software contributes to IT security and helps you remain competitive. New versions are more secure, run more stably and improve performance.

Companies are increasingly taking the step of buying used software to avoid excessive expense. They are as new and more affordable – and 100% legal from us. 

Simple and legal: buying used software licences online 

Years of experience and satisfied customers 

At Software ReUse, we have been providing support since 2011, in particular to business clients, with used software licences. Thanks to this vast wealth of experience, we are aware of the concerns of our clients and are happy to advise you if you have any queries. 

Is used software the right choice for me? 

Anyone who buys used software receives the same service as software purchased new – the most important difference: you will save hard cash with used licences.

You can find detailed information on our product pages – not only on the scope of our used software, but also on legal conformity. You can be sure of being safe at Software ReUse! 

More detailed information on the issue of used software can be found in our category “Facts”. This will provide you with all you need to know about the legal basis, how licence transfer works, and much more. 


Buy Microsoft, Adobe, or Autodesk volume licenses at a reasonable price 

Read more below about the legal conditions and how we make sure the software is (re-)licensed in a legally-compliant way. In case of any query, specify the desired version number and a number of licenses where possible. We will be happy to advise you and contact you immediately with a non-binding offer. We can also discuss offsetting any old software licenses you no longer need. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us at +43 1 997 27 87-10. 

Reporting on Software ReUse

Is used software legally secure?
– The legal background –

Used software licences for companies, 100% legal with us!

Used software is “exhausted software” in the legal sense. It may be offered for sale by us – after examination and legally compliant transfer of the licences. Nothing changes for you as a buyer – except for the price. This is up to 75% cheaper than the original price.

We buy our licences from other companies that either no longer need them, change the software or have bought too many licences. If you buy used software, you are of course entitled to regular security updates and support – just as with new software. If you are interested, find out more about all the facts surrounding used software.

Proof of the so-called “licence exhaustion”: How to stay on the safe side.

With other resellers, you only receive the product key of the exhausted software. At Software ReUse, on the other hand, we take the 100% legally secure route and provide you with detailed documentation on the arrangement of the rights to use the software for its intended purpose. This is all documentation that you can use in the event of a company audit to prove that you legally own the licence, e.g. details of the previous owner and their request to delete the software.

We tell you how the software was originally put on the market, what remuneration the rights holder received for it, to what extent a right of use was granted by the rights holder and whether updates are included. Our software thus fulfils all legal requirements, both those of the European Court of Justice (ruling C-128/11) and the requirements set by the German Federal Court of Justice.

Software purchase or sale for your company?
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We count SMEs as well as large corporations among our customers – which is why we also buy software in large quantities. But no matter whether you want to buy or sell: Our experts will be happy to advise you on your options. Simply write to us!

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